Frequently asked questions

What ages can I expect to find at River Ridge Campground?

Our minimum age is 21.  We expect to have a lot of guys in their 20s and 30’s, the average age is more like 30’s – 60’s.    However, every weekend will be a good mix of all ages as we ourselves have experienced at other similar campgrounds in our travels.


When does RRC's camping season begin?

 We open the last weekend in March for our seasonal-perms and general campers the first weekend in April.  We close for the winter the last week of October. 

When would it be the best time to visit?

Anytime but its best to call ahead to make sure we have a Camp Host or Park Manager to show you around the campground.  Weekends will most likely be busier than weekdays, and if you'd like to visit under more quiet conditions...Monday-Thurs. is your best bet.    


Is River Ridge a Exclusively All-Male Members Only facility?

Yes – River Ridge is a all-male, membership based private campground & RV Park facility.   A one-year membership is $25, and includes
your first day’s visit.  We also have a $8 Traveler's Pass for those traveling throughout the country and will only be stopping by once in a season.


How much does it cost to come visit for the day?

See our RATES page.


Do I need to be staying there in an RV, cabin, bunkhouse or tent to enjoy the River Ridge amenities?

Absolutely not – we will have many guys that will come in for the day, 10 a.m. to dusk,  to relax in our "filtered social fresh-water pods" that are generally heated with their favorite beverage or take a refreshing dip in our 15 x 30 ft fresh water pool or get that all-over body tan on our 20x50 ft pool sun deck.

What is your Pet Policy?

Well behaved pets are always welcome at RRC!   Please keep your dogs on a lease and pick up after them.   Dogs are welcome everywhere on the grounds with the exception of the main building which houses the office, rental suite, day lounge, kitchen and bath & shower room, Club Rosey's or the sun deck.  Pets also are not permitted in the filtered social water pods.  Campers must pickup after their pets.  There are doggy bag stations around the campground.

Can I get a tour of the facilities before I make a decision to purchase a Membership or become a (leased-site) Seasonal camper?

We’d be happy to take you for a tour!    You must call ahead to ensure a camp host or the Park Manager is available to show you around.


Is There a Pump-out Service for Seasonal campers-- River Ridge is a full hookup facility, no need for pump our service.

My camper is an oldie but goodie.  Would it be acceptable to camp with it in the park?

We know that not everybody is in a position to have one of the new fancy elaborate RVs and would welcome you wholeheartedly.  Seems like we all started out with a tent, then gradually moved up to something bigger. We do however reserve the right to refuse anyone with a less than desirable camper that has been neglected and not maintained.  RVs or campers, 2000 or newer is required.  Having a nice clean desirable campground is our goal, having a nice clean and kept up camper is yours.

Is there food available at the Campground?

For a short period of time, we did have a couple that had purchased a building to turn it into a Camp Store which they owned, not the campground but only leased the site that the building is on.  Due to unforseen circumstances, they have closed the store which did have food items and a kitchen but have remained Campground Members.  It is wise to stop by your local grocery store to purchase food items, however, the camp does offer on occasion a continental breakfast and potluck dinners on specific weekends.